Residential Pricing/Extras

  • Monthly pricing is based up to a 96 gallon container or the equivalent to that, serviced weekly. Additional bags will be accepted at $2 per bag.
  • Yard waste and debris is accepted for curbside pick up. Please have it bagged or bundled. Limbs should be cut and bundled into 3 foot lengths. More than the 96 gallon limit will be charged at $4 per bag unless the bags are heavy then an additional cost may apply.
  • Some construction material is accepted, such as drywall, wood, and tile. We do not accept concrete, bricks or hazardous material. If it's not in bags or cans it will be priced according to the amount left outside the can. *Please note: If you have trouble lifting or moving a bag or container, so will our drivers. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  • Large items such as grills, furniture, mattresses, etc. are accepted but should be scheduled or notice given to Timberline in case a special pick up is required. Please contact Timberline for pricing of these items.
  • Due to weather and animals, please have all trash and recyclables contained. Special clean up will result in an extra charge for this service.
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