Commercial Organic / Food Waste

The composting and reuse of green or yard waste and food waste are critical components for any community's march to a Zero Waste goal.

Commercial Organic Waste Disposal with Timberline Disposal & Recycling

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Organic Waste Recycling

Solutions for Organic Waste Disposal

We continue to increase our composting efforts through investments to expand capacity at existing operations and through the acquisition of new facilities. The benefits of these actions extend beyond waste diversion. Composting not only reduces the environmental impact associated with waste disposal but also yields high-quality compost.

Reduce greenhouse gas

When organic waste decomposes in landfills, it produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Diverting organic waste from landfills helps mitigate these emissions.

Cost savings

By diverting organic waste from disposal and implementing composting systems, businesses can reduce waste disposal fees and potentially generate revenue from the sale of compost or biogas.

Innovation and efficiency

Investing in organic waste management technologies and practices can drive innovation and lead to more efficient resource utilization within a business.

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We provide businesses with a range of container sizes and a variety of service scheduling options, customized to meet your waste collection needs.